Monday, October 02, 2000

why is that i am always writing in here when i am stoned or something ? well..anyways, my boyfriend nic fox was a cookie today and had to wear his costume to school..i couldn't stop laughing, now i feel bad :( but, he really was cute!! ok, but like, hm..let's see someone said i was holding this guys hand..which i wasn't cause i am like the most non-sexual person, i don't even give hugs to give ya an example, but hell, fuck ross williams right now cause i'm pissed at him for saying that to nic and now nic is probably mad at me, and that is why he probably didn't walk me to my 5th period class but that is ok because i saw him and then i walked with him, then he called me a bastard and i was just like, ok :( and THEN he DID IT!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT!! he put his arm around me!! my god, it has slowly come up, our 1 month anniversary is a cummin' up, and i bet he don't even care, i don't really either i just looked @ my journals and i had mentioned me and him and him and me and yeah.

Sunday, October 01, 2000

it reminds me it's not so bad, it's not so bad.
I'm listening to this song called "stan" by Eminem, yes, white people can now rap, i hate rap though! but anyways, this song is cool cause i like the way the girl sings, and i like to listen to it when i'm stoned and shit, which i'm not at the moment, but anyways. i finally got the sims in the city 3000 and this new package for it too, now while i am stoned, my sims can be too with their new exclusive bong! hell yea!
K..i think i get this thing now, let's see..i'm listening to Crass, "Punk is Dead", great title, they tell so much truth. My lil bro was watching porn with this guy name Sam Jones...he lives in Cypress, Texas, goes to Cy-Fair and is a freshman! He also has a little brother name Steven Jones..
Ok..let's see, fuck this shit! i'm gonna go smoke now, i don't get this thingy..oh, i'm still fucking stoned, allrights!